I Lost My Voice


It has been an interesting weekend. I woke up Friday with a sore throat, not knowing the true cause. Of course, my first thought was could this be Covid-19 even though I’m vaccinated and boosted. As the day continued the pain increased in my throat and continued to my ears. My ears began to hurt as if someone was sticking Q-tips too far in and for too long. By the evening, I was in so much pain, I scheduled an after-hours appointment with the doctor. As I lived the day, I ultimately lost my voice. I could not speak effectively for people to hear or understand me. I lost my voice. I lost my voice. I lost my voice!

As a speaker, your voice is not only your money maker but it’s the tool you use to give life. My voice is used to compliment my wife and daughters on their beauty. My voice is used to communicate with my dad via phone almost every day. My voice is used to connect to teams I manage and clients I’ve enlisted. By God’s grace up until this point, I’d not lost my voice.

There was no one to blame because it was no one’s fault. I was in pain in my throat and ears with no voice. It hurt to talk and it hurt to listen to music in my ears. It hurt! It hurt. It hurt! I lost my voice.

The speaker, author, coach in me, decided I could speak briefly to get started, and maybe my voice would grow as the day goes on. The pain was starting to subside. I would speak and only air would come through my vocal cords or I would sound like a hoarse Barry White. While at the doctor, I was informed that there is fluid in my eardrums and in my throat due to a head cold as well as possibly cedar fever from the cedar which is high right now.

As I sat in his office, my voice was so weak the nurse couldn’t hear me confirm my name and date of birth. My voice was so weak, I couldn’t really engage with my wife and kids because talking is what we do. I’d lost my voice. The doctor said to take medicine for the pain and this virus should pass in the next few days. The only pain medicine he offered was aspirin. I’m thinking, I’m hurting and I lost my voice! Help me!

This is my physical story but for some of you reading this, it’s your spiritual and emotional story. You’ve lost your voice! You’ve lost your voice at work and you’ve lost your voice at home. You’ve lost your voice in your family and you’ve lost even your voice in your mind. You hear other voices saying you should do this or do that, but you no longer have your voice. Like children who can’t speak a language yet, losing your voice can feel powerless and debilitating; it can feel overwhelming and disgusting.

I believe you can get your voice back in a number of ways starting with a therapist or a coach. A therapist looks at your past to help you live in your present. A coach looks at your present to move toward your future. I’m certified as a coach and would love to work with you. You can book a free 30-minute discovery call at www.coreytabor.com/contact. As a coach, I also have a number of people I can refer you to for counseling if that’s the need.

Losing my voice taught me not to take my voice for granted. Losing my voice taught me

how much I needed my voice and how much my voice was needed. If you lost your voice, due to an emotional, psychological, or spiritual virus, let’s work together to get you whole so your voice can help those in your family, personal network, and community. I can’t wait for my voice to come back so I can bring the light in spoken word but until then I’ll use my pen, my paper, and my computer to bring light with the written word. Thank you for reading. Please like, share, and subscribe to my blog at www.coreytabor.com/blog.

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